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tv   [untitled]    November 19, 2010 11:30pm-12:00am PST

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project. there are, however, neighborhood concerns about the intensity. it is a very large venue. it is to restaurants, to liquor lyses -- it is two restaurants, two liquor licenses, an outdoor music venue on a residential street with very diverse character, people who are physicians and laborers and the gamut that runs between. everyone does look forward to this venue coming. at the same time, we deeply ask for your help in making sure that these provisions do not undermine the character of our home as well. we do ask for the opportunity to review it again in 12 months. we ask your support in limiting the powers and decibels that are limited so that people can sleep and live in their homes and enjoy them. i will add that, regarding another facility, there was
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discussion of good and bad operators. i am currently unfortunately dealing with a very bad operator and can speak firsthand that it is a tough battle. i hope you will spare my neighbors my battle. president miguel: thank you. >> buenas tardes. my name is roberto hernandez, and i am an indigenous latino brother who was born and raised here in san francisco's mission. most of you know me and know i have been here before you on some very controversial issues about displacement and gentrification of our people in our neighborhood. and i am actually here to support this project. i found it down deeply in my heart to come here today because
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as most of you know, in the schools, we are getting cut back every day. we do not have any more music programs in a lot of our schools, or dance classes, or culture classes that a lot of us in the community fought for for many years in the public schools. and we now have an opportunity to work with an organization and an entrepreneur in our community to begin to teach latinos, african-americans, and all children in our neighborhood about jazz. i think some of you know the latin jazz youth ensemble, which was started out of the mission cultural center. you have seen the success of them, picante, and other groups that have come out of the mission culture center. i think this institution that is
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being proposed will create a complement and also a big need in our community. i find it very interesting that is used to be a funeral home. for those of you who are not familiar with the site. and then it became an educational institution, the community college. how appropriate now that we have a new opportunity. gracias. president miguel: matthew colgin, lisa harvey. >> my name is lisa harvey. i am the project architect. i have been working with jack knowles for 10 years now. the first project we did was in alameda, an adaption of an entire block. we did such a good job on that
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that the city recognized that and the mayor complained -- the mayor proclaimed jack knowles day. we received an award in alameda. i was excited when he bought this project. last year, we worked closely with loyila valley to make it handicapped accessible, adding windows to the passat, developing a better -- adding windows to the facade, developing a better relationship to the street. i have some pictures. when this was the college, they had a lot of performances here. they had the irish cultural festival here. this was such a perfect use for this space. and i am available to answer any questions you might have about
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the plan, the site plan. as far as the outdoor patio goes, we have been working with the neighbors, and we have placed the patio as far away from their residences as possible. and we have somebody from salter's office who can address the work we have done to meet the sound ordinance. president miguel: thank you. >> good afternoon, commissioners. my name is jeremy becker. i represent charles salter associations. i am an acoustical engineer, a licensed professional engineer in the state of california. we were asked to conduct a noise study on the property to evaluate the expected noise levels the property would have in relation to the san francisco noise ordinance. we did so by measuring ambient noise levels around the site in front and back and comparing
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that to the expected noise from the site, including noise within the auditorium, which was determined based on mockup testing inside with rep music -- representative music, and for noise in the outside dining areas based on our experience with many other projects and what typical noise is produced by face-to-face conversation in a dining setting. our finding was that with some measures we have listed in our report, we find the expected noise from preservation hall and the restaurant and outdoor dining area is expected to meet the noise limits of the san francisco nor's ordinance section 2909 -- noise ordinance, section 29 and nine of the police code. if you have any questions, i would be happy to answer them. president miguel: teresa dekkan,
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phil lester, brenda kett. >> i am patricia dedeckian. i am the project manager for 777 valencia and the community liaison for the project. , after working with jack and then from day one of this project, and i have known check for 20 years now -- jack has owned commercial -- after working with jack and ben from day one of his project, and i have known jack for 20 years now, jack has owned commercial property and he knows what he is doing. which followed a zero requirements, including noticing requirements. -- we followed requirements, including a dozen requirements.
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jack has been in communication with neighbors on a daily basis. jack owns a home on lexington street, on the block directly behind the project, with a back deck that faces the valencia's street. he has gotten to know many of his neighbors on a first name basis. we anticipated the issues neighbors would likely have, particularly noise and security. we tried to address those in the design process. we hired the top acoustical consulting firm in san francisco to design solutions that would allow us to comply with noise ordinances. in the case of the outdoor dining area, we will be exceeding their recommendations. we hired an expert to design a security plan that would ensure that we meet or exceed all of the good neighbor policies in san francisco. this is important not only because we want to make sure our neighbors are not adversely impacted by this project, but also because jack is creating a
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fine dining restaurant that will be on par with the top 100 restaurants currently in oakland. he has run a restaurant successfully for the last 10 years. he knows his restaurant will not succeed if there are any issues whatsoever with this project. thank you. president miguel: thank you. >> commissioners, good afternoon. i am glad i lived long enough to see the san francisco giants win the world series and see these two guys roll into town. as a kid growing up in the mission district on the playground, when we would have an opportunity to play a little pick-up basketball and were waiting to play the team that had just one, we used to use the phrase "we got next." the mission got next. i am filled lesser, -- phil lesser.
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we would like to see you all down in the mission more frequently, please. secondly, i request that you accept the recommendation by the planning department, with the approval attached to it -- the conditions of approval that were done in collaboration between the neighbors, project sponsors, and the planning department. thank you ever so much. president miguel: thank you. brenda kepp, matthew cullins, ivan avanchoss, rob shapiro. >> i am ivan avanchoss. i live near 14th street.
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i can see the doors of my potential -- of the venue from my front windows and will potentially here patrons leaving when the exit the venue. there will probably stop to pee on my garage door down the street. i am here to urge you to accept and go ahead and allow this project to be completed. it will be a fantastic addition to our diverse neighborhood. there has been a top 100 bay area restaurant for 10 years, and preservation hall is ideal for san francisco. most of what i have here has been covered already. i just wanted to -- i am skipping over some things as ago. there are concerns about the project fitting in and the noise they will make, but there are similar venues already on valencia's street -- and asia, the elbow room, and blondie i's
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all have live music regularly. there are plenty of dining areas. the valencia street improvement project which was just done was to facilitate just the kind of business we have there now and to bring this type of business to valencia's street. ultimately, when you live in a dense urban environment, especially a thriving commercial district like valencia's street, any change is unnerving. i have seen a lot of them over the last 14 years. when a new business is proposed, it is a little bit like gambling. you are pulling the arm on a slot machine and hope for a winning run of seven's. for 777 valencia street, this is a jackpot. i urge you to accept this project so we can all start collecting our winnings. thank you. president miguel: jay
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dossier, charles willing. >> i am rob shapiro, a business owner in the neighborhood. i have lived in the mission on and off for 20 years now. i have known ben jaffee for a couple of years and have known the work of preservation hall for much longer than that. i think this would be a huge asset to the community. i on what could possibly be a competing business, a bar at 19th and folsom. but i think this would be only additive for my business. i think it would enrich the community in a major way to have a venue of this caliber added to what we have already got. it is a rich fabric of a lot of clubs. this would be something that would set itself apart. i can understand the concerns of other members of the community, but esthetically this is a unique fit. i do not know that it could have
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a better home than the location these gentlemen have chosen, or than san francisco in the mission district. president miguel: thank you. >> my name is jade howser. i am a native san franciscan, born here in 1966. i could have done something much more weird than jade. ultimately, i have known chuck for a few years. we have worked on a couple of projects together. i was deeply grateful to be able to come down and help him with this particular project as well, because of all of the things you have heard. it is an incredible cultural addition to the city. i have always liked to think about the fact that for people who want to live in san francisco -- when i talk to them, people tell me they are transplanted here from somewhere else. they ask me, "do you want to be here more than anywhere else?" if they say yes, they are as
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sentences can as i am. this would enhance our cultural identity -- if they say yes, they are as san franciscan as i am. this would enhance our cultural identity. i have known to act as a ban of his word for many years. -- i have known jack as a man of his word for many years. he has listened and given them concessions they asked for, and without any desire to deceive them in any way. he has been very open with them. i helped facilitate the community meeting that happened the other night and listened to the things the community had to say, listened to jack's responses, and watched them come to accommodation on the things they felt were there complete concerns. that is how i have always seen jack behave.
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with all the other great things you have heard about it, and considering he is that kind of person with that kind of track record and history of operation, i ask you to approve the project without any delay and without any conditions that are not necessary. thank you. president miguel: thank you. >> my name is charles noble, and i am a resident of san francisco. i moved here nine years ago from southern louisiana, where i was born. back in new orleans last weekend for a family wedding, at the rehearsal dinner sure enough we passed by the preservation hall, me and a few of my family members. i just want to come up here to show my support for the projects -- the restaurant and the preservation hall proposed project. i think it would be certainly enjoyed by myself, and i think a wide range of other san
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franciscans. thank you. president miguel: thank you. is there additional public comment on this item? if not, public comment is closed. if the city attorney would comment on the conditions of approval 37 and 38? >> deputy city attorney marlena burne. the conditions proposed by members of the community in the materials you received, numbers 37 and 38 -- president miguel: i called and nobody came up. >> we are not familiar with the way the process works. which submitted comment cards. president miguel: if you could hold for a minute, we will go back to public comment. >> we expected we were going to be called as other words -- as
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others were. my name is michelle rielle, and i am also speaking on behalf of eric rielle. i echo the words of support of the character witnesses. many of them, i might add, are paid employees of jack. we feel a little bit of a disadvantage. we do not know the process. many people who could not be represented today are working. it is important that as immediate neighbors adjacent to this envelope we support it, but we have been endeavoring to work with the project team on a lot of our concerns. i would think commissioner -- thank commissioner antonini for moderating that as well. the time frame has been difficult for us. jack is a busy person. we are not asking to block the project. but we do have support with
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reservations. we would like to add that while we accept planner jackson's revised proposals, we are also requesting in addition to the six months subsequent hearing a 12 months subsequent hearing. this is a great project, but while there are also live been used this is 5500 sq. ft. of restaurant, 2500 sq. ft. of music venue, all under one roof. the applicant -- the aggregate concerns of no less than 80 staff people, hopefully more than 200, as well as up to 375 live music venue patrons -- hundreds of people at any given hour of the day, with cleanup hours and what not, we want hours to be reduced for the inside dining area. there is no comparable of outdoor venue. the neighborhood concerns are
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all about aggregation that is potentially boy to happen. -- going to happen. we have every effort in working with jack knowles, and hopefully we will come back and say we do not need the review. president miguel: thank you. >> i am jackie mclandrige, also speaking on behalf of my husband's death. i want to thank mr. antonini for attending our meeting the other day. he was very hopeful in facilitating hopefully a great step moving forward. i just want to say on behalf of my husband and myself we are extremely excited about 777 valencia. we think it is going to be a great addition to the neighborhood. that being said, with the agreed conditions as stated, including the conditions agreed upon by mr. knowles, which we are very
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grateful for, as well as the hours he agreed upon the other evening, as well as ms. jackson's proposed review. i share support as part of the valencia neighborhood association and the hoa, hopefully adding a second 12 months hearing to review concerns including quality of life, security plan implementation, noise mitigation, and hours of operation. we hope to live as one in the neighborhood. but my husband's and my bedroom window is a stone's throw away from the outdoor facility. we hope everything will go according to plan and that we will not need that. but we do ask that it will be considered for review so that we can live comfortably and our quality of life is not disrupted. president miguel: thank you. >> james howard. my wife and i lived adjacent to
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the property. i support and welcome the project to our neighborhood. it is a very exciting project. i ask that the commission consider the scale and scope of this venue. there is nothing comparable in the area. it is unprecedented. i have talked with a lot of concerned neighbors over the past week, and as commissioner antonini saw firsthand, we did raise legitimate concerns about the impact something of this scale might have on adjacent residences. add to those things i would like to request that although we are encouraged, going forward, that the project will go off according to plan, i would like to request that in order to ensure that that we review the project leader at six months and 12 months. i am largely concerned that we were not able to reach out to a
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lot of people in the neighborhood going into the process because of various language barriers and various other hardships. certain people could not be here today who have not had time to understand the project. i am excited about the project, but i am also a little bit anxious about it. i am hoping we can go in with this with just a little bit of caution, and it will review this letter couple -- will review this later a couple more times. i think it will be a positive addition to the neighborhood. president miguel: thank you. is there any additional public comment? ok. public comment is closed. >> deputy city attorney marlena burne. with the additional comments from the planning staff, and 37 and 38, the concern is that
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those conditions of approval would be unenforceable by the city. there are outside the jurisdiction not only of this body but the city as a whole. president miguel: i wanted to make that clear. it was not an arbitrary situation with regard. i would hope that since those two conditions were basically agreed upon by the project sponsor and the neighborhood that even though they are not probably going to be included in conditions of approval, should this go forward, that they will take cognizance of the fact that in effect promises have been made and should be kept. vice president olague: i fully support this project. i have obviously been following things in the mission for a while, and was a member of the
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mission anti-displacement coalition years ago. we have seen a lot of unfortunate gentrification that has taken place, a lot of latino families displaced in the '90s. there have been a lot of unfortunate changes, i think, in the mission. the college, when they left, it was really unfortunate, i thought. i was calling community groups asking if anybody had the resources to purchase the building. it was up for grabs and i was not sure what would ultimately happen there. i think that this is a really good use for this site. i love new orleans, actually. i have not been there, actually. i have been sort of reluctant to visit their ever since the disaster, you know, the katrina disaster. i have not been by. but i would go annually to visit preservation hall because it is an amazing place to visit, and of course it is the heart of
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jazz, new orleans is. it is really awesome that we are getting this brought here and in our own way of preserving a culture that has been really broken apart, i think, in many ways the past few years, although there is probably still a lot that is coming back, hopefully and is retained their. -- there. i spent a lot of time in the cemeteries and the whole culture of new orleans is brilliant. i just love it. i think it is a good use. i also support one of the new conditions references that you will be providing the venue to mission public high-school or charitable organizations for fund-raising. those are the to the we cannot endorse. -- the two that we cannot endorse. but i think it is great.
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i imagine this interchange with the community and your project will continue to happen. i know that we have a lot of jazz now all of a sudden. in the past few years, the fillmore jazz area, there is the sf jazz. how are you guys going to interface? i was just curious. what is the idea there? or maybe not, you know? >> we have actually been in contact with all of those organizations. we plan on working with them hand in hand to develop after- school programs and residences. vice president olague: that is perfect. >> we are wide open, just continuing what we do in new orleans and bringing that concept to the bay area. vice president olague: that is great. i think this is a great use for this. i think one of the most interesting shows i went to was los lobos and atlantico band
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that jammed together in san jose and i was just lucky enough to be there. i look forward to the blues and these other musical groups coming out here. i looked at the conditions. i read through this. i know the neighbors have concerns. i imagine the school had a lot of impact. there was a lot going on with a community college there, a lot of activity. i am going to go ahead and move to approve the conditions of approval. obviously, the city attorney says there are some that are not enforceable by us. i would support may be the staff could give us a six month report or something. the six and 12 seems excessive to me. i do not know -- the project sponsor -- are you ok with that?
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this is what we do for most, actually -- that is appropriate. we do this in the castro. we have done this all over the city. it is usually a six month review. i think that is appropriate. commissioner antonini: second. i wanted to add a few things. i am of course very supportive of this. a few things that were not brought up is the fact that the project sponsor is not only putting upward sound walls to control the sound of the concert area outside of theirre, but also for his restaurants, which are separate from that. it is very impressive the way that is done. he is going to bring in electrical updates that will be valuable for the whole block. there are some juices comi i


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